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A soldering iron is a device used to heat parts, melt solder and apply it to the contact point of the elements that need to be soldered. There are several types of soldering irons, differing in the method of heating a metal tip (tip) оn solderingironguide.com:

Electric, heating of the working surface of which occurs with the help of electric current. This is the most popular type of devices both among amateur craftsmen and among professionals.
Arc, heated with an electric arc located between the electrode and the tip.
The end and hammer differ in appearance with rather long metal handles, at the ends of which the tips are fixed. Such soldering irons are heated by external heat sources.
Hot air devices are used to solder parts with hot air.
An infrared soldering iron connects the elements in a non-contact way. The principle of operation of the device is based on exposing the part to infrared radiation with a wavelength of 2-7 microns.
The gas apparatus consists of a torch with an installed soldering tip and a gas cylinder. Soldering with such a soldering iron can be carried out only by air heated from the burner, without the use of a sting.
The most convenient and effective devices for soldering metal and plastic parts are electric soldering irons. Electric soldering irons from German and Japanese manufacturers are considered the highest quality. Among them are such brands as Goot, Weller, Matrix, Hakko, Ersa.

What to look for when buying a soldering iron?

The design of most electric soldering irons is identical. They consist of a heating element with a transformer winding inserted in a shell of insulating material, and a handle made of wood or plastic. The working tip (sting) is designed to quickly transfer heat from the source to the soldered part. In its manufacture, red copper is used, which can withstand high temperatures.

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